10 detained for vandalising Malda town station

Malda: Government railway police today detained 10 persons after two ticket counters in Malda town station were ransacked by aggrieved passengers who could not board the down Guwahati – Mumbai Karmabhumi express this morning.

It has been learnt from sources that hundreds of passengers were waiting for the train. But as the train halted in Malda for just 10 minutes, many of them could not board it.

The passengers alleged the train was almost fully occupied by paramilitary personnel due to which they could not board it during the brief halt.

As soon as the train left Malda, the irate passengers started demanding refunds of their tickets. When railway authorities said the amount would be paid after deduction, the passengers turned hostile and went on a rampage at ticket counters 6 and 7.

In moments, the station premises turned into a battlefield with a huge scuffle starting between passengers and GRP personnel.

Malda station manager Dilip Chowhan said neither was it possible to detain the train till all passengers were on board nor to refund the entire booking amount.

GRP detained 10 persons on the charge of ransacking railway property.

Passengers were more genuine sounding when they question “how can Railway issue tickets when there is no room to accommodate further passenger”.