110 Rail Roko incidents occurred on CR in the last seven months

मुंबई Mumbai: Rail rokos have become quite common with 107 such incidents having occurred on Central Railway (CR) in the last seven months.

Alok Bohra, CR’s divisional security commissioner, said, “We are trying to curb the number of such incidents by stationing our men on stations where we expect trouble. But these people are aware that stopping a Mumbai local gets the media’s attention to highlight their issues.”

“Under the RPF if anyone takes part in rail-rokos and any other disrupting activities such as cutting of copper wires to stop local trains, they will be considered as offenders,” added Bohra.

Within the last seven months, the CR has collected fines to the tune of Rs 1.27 and has jailed 17 persons accused of taking part in disruptive incidents.

Subhash Gupta, a transport activist, said, “It’s unfortunate that people use the railways for their own personal issues and agendas,” he said.  “Protesting during the fare hike in June was justified because they were directly related to the railways. I think it’s high time that more stringent action is taken against those who stop the trains because people in those packed trains are already suffering and are just trying to get to work on time,” Mr Gupta said.

Incidentally, the services at Central Railway in Kurla were disrupted for 15 minutes during peak morning hours on Thursday as well when members of the Dhangar community started a protest demanding their inclusion into the category of scheduled tribes (ST) for reservations.