1100 Pakistanis enter Munabao by Thar Express without NWR Jodhpur Divn’s knowledge

मुनाबाव Munabao (MBF): In the Thar Express that arrived in Munabao on Saturday, 1,100 passengers came from Pakistan without Jodhpur rail division officers’ knowledge.

The officials had to somehow attach an additional coach from Barmer to Munabao and even RPF, GRP, custom and other security agencies had to face a lot of problems arranging security and after 11 hours of delay, the train on Sunday morning left for Bhagat ki Kothi and passengers too had to face a lot of problems.

According to reliable sources, 1,137 passengers came to India on Saturday by Thar Express from Pakistan and Indian railway officers had to face problems as they did not have any information about such a huge crowd coming in.

Generally, Thar Express from Bhagat ki Kothi to Munabao has nine coaches and can accommodate 600-700 passengers. This Friday, 428 passengers left for Pakistan in the train, whereas 437 passengers were coming from Pak to India. In such a situation, accommodating such a huge crowd coming from beyond the border in nine coaches became a problem for the Jodhpur rail division officers.

Sources said the entire system of the number of passengers that can travel via this train has been implemented effectively by India. Passengers going to Pakistan are given computerized tickets and their numbers are also kept in control, unlike the management in Pakistan.

Passengers coming from Pakistan are given manual tickets and there is even no control on the number. In the history of Thar Express that started in 2006, it is the second time, when the number of passengers coming from Pak has crossed 1,000.

While confirming the problems faced due to 1,100 passengers, DRM Rajiv Sharma said there was no information from Pak about so many passengers and when we got to know, the train had reached Munabao.

He said that on behalf of the central government, seven general coaches have been sanctioned for the train and with the increase in passenger load, the government had approved additional two coaches.

Confirming this, senior division railway security commissioner Ashish Mishra said strict security arrangements had to be made at Munabao railway station due to such a huge rush and all passengers were thoroughly checked.