12 Railway staff of Mysuru Division rescued from Yedakumari Railway Station

HASSAN: Twelve staff of SWR, Mysuru division, who were stranded at Yedakumari Railway station on  Sakleshpur-Mangaluru route due to landslides and heavy rain in the ghat section since August 13, were rescued on Friday. The railway station is inaccessible by mobile phone and is used by the railways for operational purposes only.

A team  led by Assistant Commissioner Lakshmikanth Reddy and a six-member team by Hassan SP Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad, however, managed to reach the station through the Kaginahare forest area around 12.10 pm and bring the stranded staff  to the Sakleshpur railway station at 4.30 pm.

“We reached Kaginahare by car and from there trekked six km to reach the station. They were in good health although they had not eaten for a few days,” Mr Reddy said.  From Kaginahare, the rescued staff were ferried in cars to Sakleshpur, he said. A staffer, Kallesh, said, “As it was raining heavily, we locked ourselves in the station and were happy to see the rescue teams.”