RailTel OFC Communication Network to boost National Telecom Policy 2012

RailTel Corporation of India Limited is a Schedule-A Telecom Public Sector Enterprise under Ministry of Railways.  Incorporated on 26th September, 2009, RailTel has more than 42,000 Route Km of Optical Fiber Cable running along Indian Railway track as on date in many parts of the country.  RailTel is having fibers at every station enroute, spaced at 8-10 Kms to meet Railway operations. RailTel is laying fibers in uncovered sections & shall complete 54,000Km of Rail route & covering most of the stations & commercial requirement (5000+) on its backbone. This network is designed in a 3 Layered topology for its efficient utilization and management.The three layers viz. Access Layer, Edge Layer & Backbone layer enables required capacity with desired granularity. Access layer provides of STM-1 (155Mbps) capacity at stations, spaced at every 8-10 Kms. The traffic from access layer is aggregated on to the Edge layer having STM-16 connectivity, which is available in important locations at every 50-60 Kms. Collecting the traffic from edge layer is finally aggregated on to the Backbone layer with DWDM/STM-16/64 available in big cities/towns situated at every 60-70 Kms. Over that RailTel has built “state of the art” backbone network using latest SDH & DWDM technology. Presently, 400 cities covering over 30,000 RKMs are connected on backbone network with STM-16 (2.5 Gbps) connectivity across the country. We have implemented DWDM network over 10,000 RKM to provide 100mbps, which may be further augmented, to 400 Gbps as & when required. RailTel plans to cover complete CORE network on DWDM network within a year. For Trouble Free Service to our customers, Backbone Network have been configured in multiple ‘Self Healing’ ring architecture which provides redundancy by automatically redirecting traffic away from failed/ de-graded route .It supports SNCP and MS-Spring protection schemes. It is designed in such a way that full redundancy is available for bandwidth between any two points. RailTel is servicing all Telco’s in the country through its OFC network. RailTel also serves some Enterprises customer through its MPLS,IBW network. RailTel’s strength is in providing access to rural & remote areas and with commissioning of OFC in new sections everywhere; we enable digital connectivity to unconnected. (CLICK ON THE MAP TO ENLARGE VIEW)