2 rail fractures hit services on CR

Train services were badly hit on the central line on Wednesday following two incidents of railway tracks fracture at different spots during the day.

While one incident occurred early in the morning, the second one took place during the evening peak hours, resulting in several cancellations and delays and, consequently, huge crowds in locals on the Central Railway’s main line.

Passengers complained that trains were running at least 15 to 20 minutes late in the evening.

“I travelled hanging on the door between Dadar and Ghatkopar as there was no place inside. After that I somehow managed to squeeze in,” said Rajendra Tambe, a resident of Kalyan.

ND Panda, a motorman of a Thane-bound local from CST, noticed a near Masjid station on the slow track around 6.10pm and immediately stopped the train.

The fracture held up two locals – one to Thane and one to Kalyan.

“Other locals were diverted on to the fast track from 6.36pm, “said AK Singh, public relations officer, CR. “Trains were running 10 minutes late.”

The rail fracture between Khadavali and Titwala stations was of a greater magnitude and therefore a higher risk – track fractures can derail trains.

It was spotted around 6.25 am by gangman Dasharath Vrinda, who informed the station master of Khadavali and the railway control.

“An Aasangaon local was to pass from there but it was stopped,” said Atul Rane, chief public relations officer, CR.

It took officials an hour to fix this fracture, until which time four locals and two long-distance trains were held up; as a result, two Kasara locals were also cancelled.