25 Level Crossing Gate accidents in Mysuru Division in 6 months leaves Railways baffled

‘In most cases, motorists in inebriated conditions tend to ram into the gate and damage it’

MYSURU: There have been 25 accidents at level crossing gates between January and June this year across the Mysuru Division of the South Western Railway, raising concern among the authorities.

Although the precise nature of level crossing gate accidents differ, it is generally recognized that human behaviour is the principal cause in a majority of the mishaps, according to railway officials.

In order to address level crossing safety issues, the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Mysuru Division, in association with jurisdictional Road Transport Officer (RTO), local police and the Government Railway Police (GRP) have conducted a series of awareness campaigns to educate the pedestrians and motorists of the dangers involved at level crossing gates.

The campaigns focussed on promoting safe behaviour among motorists at the gates. All the motorists have to do is look both ways and listen to the sound of approaching trains if any before crossing the gate. But very few care to follow even the minimum requirements though the onus is entirely on the motorists to comply with the safety norms.

“From January 2018 to June 2018, as many as 25 level crossing gate accidents have been reported over Mysuru Division mainly because road users are not following basic safety precautions at the LC gates,” senior Railways officials said.

In all, 26 offenders were prosecuted and convicted by the jurisdictional courts in this period realizing a penalty of ₹47,900. The cost recovered for damage to railway level crossing gates was ₹1,74, 851.

According to a senior official in the Mysuru division, in most cases, motorists in inebriated conditions tend to ram into the gate and damage it.

The gates are synchronised to the signalling system and any damage to them brings the train traffic to a halt forcing a manual regulation of traffic on the section.

Officials also pointed out that more than the cost, it was the safety that mattered and hence appealed to road users to strictly follow safety rules while crossing the gates and help in total elimination of such accidents.