288 ATVMs on CR by December

मुंबई Mumbai: Central Railway (CR) will bring in 288 Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) on the Mumbai suburban railway by December end, but senior officials urge commuters to buy ATVM cards as they are not yet accustomed to using the machines since the removal of working staff as facilitators in June this year.

The 288 ATVMs have been allotted to stations that have been identified on the basis of high number of ticket sales those where commuters are prone use ATVMs.

A senior official said, “We have decided to put these machines on those stations that see huge sales of tickets or where people have a tendency to use the machines such as Vashi or Thane, as opposed to Vasind.”

CR already has a total of 400 ATVM machines, but the Railway Board has finally given a go-ahead for additional machines since queues have been increasing at ticket windows after 600 working staffers were ordered by the Board to stop facilitating commuters.