30 Baggage Trolleys at Pune Railway Station to take burden off Coolies

PUNE: Pune division of Central Railways has introduced 30 baggage trolleys for passengers at Pune station. Officials said that for now the trolleys will be in possession of coolies. “Passengers come to the station with a lot of luggage and coolies carry them on their heads or shoulders. With these trolleys, their job will be easier. In the later phase, passengers will be able to handle the trolleys. There is a plan to earmark a place at each station for these trolleys,” an official told.

Another official said that passengers with luggage generally summon coolies who wait at different points at the station. “The trolleys are kept near the office of the deputy station superintendent on platform number 1 and also at other platforms. People can also come to the office and ask for a coolie. Once a request has been placed, there will be an announcement and a coolie will come to the office to carry the luggage on trolleys. Each platform at the station has ramps which can be used for the trolley,” the official said.

Trollies will be available for coolies coming to the aid of passengers stepping out of a train. The number of trolleys is expected to increase in future, he added. Passengers are happy about the facilities. “Many a times the luggage we carry consists of fragile items. When a coolie carries them on his head or shoulders, there is a risk of damage. Also, it is inhuman to make a coolie carry so much load. The authorities should allow passengers to handle the trolleys,” Uttam Kumar, who hails from Patna, said.