30 IP based CCTV Cameras set up at Bokaro Station for 24×7 Surveillance

RPF personnel monitor CCTV camera footage at the control room at Bokaro station on Tuesday
RPF personnel monitor CCTV camera footage at the control room at Bokaro station on Tuesday

Bokaro Steel City (BKSC): RPF personnel, manning the vast premises of Bokaro railway station, now have digital aides to fend off Naxalite threats and keep tabs on economic offenders and other rogues.

A total of 30 CCTV cameras, including two with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) technology, have been set up at the station for 24×7 surveillance in a radius of over 500 square metre.

The installation work for the CCTV cameras was completed in January, and after a trial run of a month, the authorities switched on the digital surveillance system on Monday.

According to inspector Bhola Singh, who is the in-charge Bokaro RPF thana, 12 CCTV cameras have been installed on the platform No. 1 while the platform No. 2 and 3, which have common entrances and exits, boast off 12 cameras. These apart, six cameras have been placed at other key entry and exit points, ticket counters and passenger rest rooms.

“The two PTZ cameras, which can rotate 360 degrees, are placed near the main entrance to keep vigil on the booking counters, parking space and nearby areas. Digital cameras have also been placed on the foot overbridge and the top of the station building to maintain vigil from a high altitude,” Singh said.

All the cameras are connected with a control room set up behind the stationmaster’s chamber, where two big TV screens have been put in place for round the clock monitoring.

RPF personnel Archana Sinha and Tanu Shree have been deployed in the monitoring room to keep close tabs on all passengers entering or exiting the station premises, apart from anti-social elements, eve-teasers and male passengers trying to sneak into ladies compartments.

Bokaro stationmaster A.K. Mishra said the 30 CCTV cameras would indeed help strengthen security on the railway premises and keep anti-social elements in check.