36% rise in complaints against SEC Railway

Bilaspur: In what shows the Indian Railways in poor light, complaints against the South-east-central zone of the organisation have risen by 36 per cent in 2012-13 vis-a-vis the previous financial year.

The complaints have been directed against the trains passing through and the stations of the South-east-central Railway zoine of which the city is the headquarter and these have been concerned with stale food being served in trains, dirty bedrolls and filthy trains and platforms.

However what is disappointing is that most passengers do not get their complaints registered with the appropriate authority and one imagines that if they would have, the rate of complaint would have been much higher.

The chairman of thne Railway Board, Vinay Mittal, in this regard, is known to have written to the general manager Indra Ghosh expressing his worry over the matter and directed him to provide all information regarding the trains and stations in question and initiate corrective steps without delay.

The South-east-central Railways, however claims that special care is taken for the cleanliness of important stations of the zone, like Raipur, Durg and indeed, Bilaspur. Also it says that the passengers are given sanitised bedrolls, laundered with the most modern of processes and hygienic food. It also claims to be monitering the catering service for quality-control.

However all these tall claims falls flat in the face of a study by the Railway Board, which found the ground reality to be exactly opposite.
The letter written by the Board chairman to the general manager of South-east-central Railway said that passengers face most difficulties in the so-called ‘model stations’ like Raipur and Bilaspur.

12 complaints over food have been registered so far in the Bilaspur station, which is the highest in the zone; while 3 have been registered in Raipur. Moreover in Champa and Durg complaints of charging more from passengers than the actual fare have come up.

Raipur, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Anuppur and Korba stations have been pulled up for lack of cleanliness and a list of trains has also been prepared which have been identified for either supplying dirty bedrolls or unhygienic food.