45 clips found removed from Railway tracks

इतवारी Itwari (ITR): City police are probing the removal of about 45 Pandrol clips from the railway tracks between Kalamna and Itwari stations near Dipty Signal on Wednesday that endangered the life of many passengers. The clips were found strewn around the tracks. Pandrol clips are used to fasten tracks to sleepers.

The matter came to fore when the railway gangmen were patrolling the tracks between 9 and 9.25 am. The clips were in place earlier in the day but were found removed later. The technicians restored the clips within a short period as several trains were supposed to pass the stretch. Apart from railway and city police, state Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) too is learnt to have started an independent probe into the incident.

The South East Central Railway (SECR) Nagpur Divisional Security Commandant (DSC) D B Gaur said, “We are assisting Lakadganj police investigating the matter.” Gaur ruled out sabotage and stated that some local scrap sellers or those into business may have stolen the clips. The thieves had scattered these clips across the tracks with a view to have them cut into pieces by passing trains. They would then pick them up and sell it as ordinary iron pieces without suspicion.