48km Railway Line from Ludhiana to Dhuri to have Double Track

LUDHIANA: Keeping a tab on the increasing rush of trains on the Ludhiana-Dhuri lane, Northern Railway has started the project of laying double-lane tracks on the Ludhiana-Dhuri railway route to cater to the rush of trains in near future and make travelling for passengers more convenient.

The announcement of the much-needed project was done by the previous divisional railway manager of Ferozepur division Vivek Kumar after looking at the status of train rush on the same route, which led to inconvenience to frequent travellers. The railway authorities had started its development project by removing the encroachments along the railway tracks passing through the Dhuri railway route for creating space for another railway track.

Providing information on this, Ludhiana station director Abhinav Singla said, “The Northern Railway authorities know about the increase in rush of trains on Dhuri railway route in the coming years. So, the project of laying down the double tracks was under way on the same route.”

“There are two major development projects which fall under the jurisdiction of Ferozepur division – one is laying of double tracks on Dhuri lane and the second one is Mullanpur-Ludhiana railway track project. These will be completed by the December this year. The higher authorities did not disclose the estimated cost of the development project but it was a costlier project worth crore of rupees. The double-lane track will be laid on 60km of the Dhuri-Ludhiana railway track,” station director said.

Sources in the railway department said that, “Two months back the higher authorities of the Northern Railway board had visited the Ludhiana railway station to carry out inspection of the electrification work of the Ludhiana-Dhuri railway route and give a green signal to the electrical department officials to run electric engine on that route to save time and money.”

“At that time, the higher authorities of the railways had claimed that it was taking every possible step for the betterment of passengers as they had started the service of electric engine on Ludhiana-Dhuri stretch with a view to running high-speed trains on that route in the coming years.” They further added that, “The railways had made the announcements at that time that they would run the train which would have electric engine. In the next few years, the railway will run electric train across the border areas of Punjab to make passenger travelling more convenient,” sources said.

Railway fencing on Dhuri line caught up in politics

After political interference, the railway staff was forced to stop digging a trench between the road and the railway tracks (Dhuri Railway line) here today. The Railways has planned to install fencing alongside the tracks to prevent mishaps.

The railway officials have claimed that fencing is required to stop illegal crossing of tracks and misuse of railway land for unauthorised parking and sabzi mandi.

As digging work started in the morning, a number of local residents, supported by politicians, reached there to oppose railway action. Lok Insaaf Party (LIP) chief and MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains also reached the spot, and allegedly opposed digging work. Later, Congress leader Kamaljeet Singh Karwal visited area and asked the officials not to dig the trench.

An official said the Railways had got encroachments along the tracks removed sometime ago. The railway officials, along with the government railway police (GRP), had gone to the site for the installation of fencing, but some leaders forced them to stop digging work, he said.

Senior Section Engineer of Railway Anil Meena said: “People used to cross the tracks in an illegal manner while others had encroached on land along the tracks for setting up a subzi mandi and a parking. To prevent mishaps, we have to install fencing there.” He said MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains and Congress leader Kamaljeet Singh Karwal opposed digging work today. “The trench was being dug close to the road as wires had been laid along the tracks. If we had dug a trench close to the tracks, any damage to the underground wires could have led to disruption in rail services. We will conduct meetings with the leaders tomorrow and let them understand the situation,” he said.