5 years and counting, Maharashtra GRP Helpline going strong

Mumbai CST (CSTM):  If you forget your precious belongings in train, don’t worry. Just dial the government railway police (GRP) helpline.

Statistics show that for the past five years, the helpline staff, who have been working round-the-clock, have helped locate and return 322 expensive laptops to their rightful owners, which they had lost during their train journeys. The helpline has also succeeded in handing over Rs.23.06 lakh in cash, 1,420 grams of gold ornaments, 57 digital cameras and 173 mobile phones to their owners after verification.

“In the past five years, we have received 59,338 calls from commuters on the helpline. Out of that 25,433 calls were made to report loss of baggage,” TS Bhal, additional DGP (Railways) told.

“The GRP helpline 9833331111 was inaugurated by then additional DGP (Railways) KP Raghuvanshi at GRP headquarters in Wadibunder on November 12, 2008,” he said, adding that its call records show commuters used the helpline the most for getting back lost belongings, followed by complaints regarding unauthorised people travelling in the ladies/disabled coaches, which saw the helpline receive 11,893 calls; the GRP arrested 998 people for travelling in the ladies/disabled coaches.

The GRP have pasted posters in every compartment of the train and station premises making commuters aware of the helpline.

The helpline has received 2,943 calls regarding accidents in the past five years. The GRP succeeded in sending medical aid to the injured at the accident site with the help of railway administration and, subsequently, rushing the victim/s to the nearest hospital as early as possible.

Also, 1,455 calls were made for quarrels among the commuters in trains and 553 were made by commuters asking for medical help for their co-commuters who fell ill on board. The helpline succeeded in sending medical help to the commuters concerned immediately by sending a message to the nearest railway station.

According to Bhal, the helpline received 41 calls about bombs/explosives being planted in trains and on station premises. However, all turned out to be hoax.