50 Shortlisted Railway Stations across the country to get ‘Five Star’ Status

मुंबई Mumbai: As part of the railway’s new cleanliness drive, 50 shortlisted railway stations across the country will boast a five-star hotel look with CST and Mumbai Central billed to be among the chosen ones, according to sources.

Railway Board Member (Traffic) D.B.Pande met 11 private firms with a turnover of more than 160 crore, including Eureka Forbes and Knight Frank with a view to roping them in on a public-private partnership (PPP) basis. These companies are leaders in facility management, that is coordination of space, infrastructure and people and will implement these concepts at select railway stations.

Mr Pande said the railways had assured the corporates of unlimited funding for this purpose. “We will initially try to get these corporates on a PPP basis but if that doesn’t work, we have assured them that there will be no shortage of funds and we will fully fund the project if the need arises,” he said.

“We are reviewing the existing cleanliness contracts at stations and will give preference to those stations whose contracts are either ending or do not exist,” he added. Sources said Mr Pande had asked CST and Mumbai Central to be included in the list.

A railway official on condition of anonymity said, “21stations will be A1-grade i.e. those that earn the railway a revenue of above Rs 60 crore and 29 will be A-grade which earn a revenue of between Rs 8 and Rs 60 crore,” the official added.