500 piles completed in Metro Rail’s Aluva-international stadium reach

Civil works to go at full throttle till late May when monsoon breaks

ki15metro_eps_1685569fL&T completed 500 piles in the Aluva-international stadium reach of Kochi Metro Rail on Saturday.

This is sufficient to build 125 piers (pillars) in the corridor at the rate of four piles per pier. There will be an average of 40 piers for every km of the metro viaduct. The firm has engaged 10 rigs in work sites along the reach.

Pile capping is under way over many piles. Construction of 12 piers (pillars) is already over in the reach and more piers are expected to tower over the stretch in the coming days. Thirteen of the fifteen metro piers that pass through the centre of North over bridge too are ready.

Similarly, Soma Constructions has completed 150 piles in the stadium-Ernakulam South reach. Era-Ranken joint venture firm has managed to complete nine piles in the South-Pettah reach where contract labourers are on the warpath demanding payment of wage dues.

“We are happy that metro’s civil works have picked up pace in NH 47 and city hub after an initial lull because of the rains, labour issues, etc. Now, work will go at full throttle till late May, when the monsoon might slow down the works,” DMRC sources said.

On when barricades will be removed from work sites like Changampuzha Park and Pulinchodu where piers are getting over, they said barricades would be removed after safety barriers (to reduce impact in case vehicles ram into piers) are installed around the piers. “But the width of the barricaded portion can be considerably reduced from the present eight metres. This will help in smooth movement of traffic.”

Contractor issue

Responding to reporters’ queries about a section of contract workers in metro’s South-Pettah reach threatening strike over non-payment of wages, Minister for Transport Aryadan Mohammed hoped that the issue would be sorted out at the earliest. “It is up to the DMRC to take a call on the issue. They can decide on changing the contractor if work slows down,” Mr. Mohammed said.