500th non-Railway Diesel Locomotive leaves GOC

TRICHY: Southern Railway general manager Vashishta Johri has sought cooperation from the state government to resume track doubling work on the Chennai- Kanyakumari stretch.

Land acquisition and issues on joint venture between the railways and the state government has stalled work at various places.

He said that work has been completed on a 174km-stretch between Villupuram and Trichy.

This is part of the proposed doubling of 272 km in the Villupuram-Dindigul section. Johri sought cooperation from the state government to complete the work.

The general manager was in Trichy on Thursday. He flagged off a non-railway diesel locomotive from Chattisgarh which was overhauled at the Golden Rock Railway Workshop (GOC). Public sector undertaking companies in the country have their own diesel locomotives and they are brought to GOC for overhauling. This was the 500th such overhaul at GOC, which has earned 471 crore in the process.

It takes 30 days for perform a complete overhaul of a diesel locomotive, unless it has any major technical issues, said a senior official from GOC.