6 Lions enters into Sasan Railway station in Gujarat, kill Calf

th_6b826fa63eebAhmedabad:  The railway employees at Sasan station were forced to stay indoors when six Asiatic lions wandered in from the wild. After waiting for 20 minutes on the platform, the big cats moved out of the station and killed a calf.

It is rare for lions to come to the tracks and then gone on to the railway station. In this case, however, what was particularly interesting was that the six lions were not from one pride. Three were from the Kamleshwar dam site while the rest were from Raidi beat.

n8_2aAs news about the lions spread, people from Sasan village gathered near the site to watch the big cats feasting. For Sasan villagers, it is not new to see a lion but six lions eating a calf was something many had never seen. Forest officials were afraid of a law and order crisis and a possible attack by the lions. They had a hard time dispersing the crowd.

Kasuladev Ramesh, deputy conservator of forest, Gir West Division, said that after the villagers were dispersed, they closely examined the maggot wounds found on the body of three lions. During monsoon, maggot wounds are common problem among lions. The forest staff noticed the injury but as it was night, they were not able to carry out a rescue operation.

Help of veterinary doctors was sought in the morning. When they reached the spot along with rescue teams, the doctors treated two female and one male lion.