825 lives lost till March, crossing tracks main reason

India, May 24 – Despite steps taken by the railways to ensure better commuter safety, 825 people have already lost their lives on the railway tracks in the first three months of 2013.

According to data compiled by Government Railway Police, of the 825 people who died, 525 were killed on Central Railway (CR) and 300 have died on Western Railway (WR).

A GRP official said that most people have been killed while crossing tracks, whereas 221 people died after falling off a running train. A large gap between trains and platform has also managed to claim four lives this year.

Last year, 3541 people had lost their lives on railway tracks. This was an increase from 3458 people having died in 2011.

“Since the past two years, railways has taken up various measures to dissuade people from crossing railway tracks, but citizens continue to cross tracks and put their lives in danger,” said a senior GRP official requesting anonymity.

He added that both CR and WR had put iron railings between tracks to stop people from crossing them. However, at some places, these railings have been damaged by people.

Last year, 21 people were killed after falling in the gap between the train and the platform. Of this, the highest fatality rate was found under the jurisdiction of Mumbai Central police station.

Sharat Chandrayan, chief public relations officer of WR, said that wherever possible, the gap between trains and the platform has been reduced. However, at some stations, the gap increases when the height of the tracks is increased as a pre-monsoon measure, he added. (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)