A Little World of Big Thinkers – this Kid of a Railwaymen bring Laurels to Swachh Bharat and Skill India

This wonder kid of a Railwaymen is a Star for Skill India campaign who was gifted with extraordinary skills and experiments all along his childhood.
Nipun Bharadwaj before meditation near a forest

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA:  Imagine the excitement in Master Tungaturthi Nipun Bharadwaj eyes when you enter into an educational, scientific, meditation and entertainment world with lot of exciting experiments and thoughtful experiences throughout his life, with over 40 different role-plays in the last 6-7 years now.

He is none other than the proud son of Smt & Shri T.Veena Anil Kumar from Hyderabad in Telangana, India who proudly hugs the boy for his unending thoughts and experiments with the nature, pets, birds, waterfalls, science and technology, ecology, environment, social fabric and what not, every aspect of the life and the instincts of the nature.

The inner engineering in Master Nipun Bharadwaj is a natural creation with robust thoughts around science and technology, robotics, mechanics, electronics, including cosmic energy theories and everything that you find in this world – however with a touch of humanity everywhere!

He is also interested in Astro-physics and Space sciences and has been a frequent visitor to Space Observatories of ISRO and Birla Planetarium in Hyderabad.

The other inspiring aspect in Master Nupun Bharadwaj is “touch-sense reading and blind-fold observation” wherein he fully closes his eyes, identify and reads the all the colours and the scripts with just finger touch and smell identified by the proud parents during his childhood, probably from his 7th Standard itself.

However Nipun has so matured that he can now feel the colours and scrips even without the physical touch on any material – be it newspaper, a book or a cloth. What does this speak about the child?

“His mission is to not just experiment, but perform. His experiment is not just perform, but nurture, his experiment is not just nurturing, but teach, his experiment is not just teaching but help the society to come out of various disabilities with specific skills that can be attained by meditation.

“His mission is to bring out inherent talents and thoughts that are invisibly abundant in any human being and enable them plug and play their skillsets to develop important social skills for their better livelihood,” says Anil Kumar, who works in the Rajbhasha Department of South Central Railway HQrs at Secunderabad.

Nipun’s blind-fold readings or touch-sense readings includes delivering letters and identifying various colours etc which is one of the rarest of the rare quality in a normal individual.

Recently the General Manager of South Central Railway Vinod Kumar Yadav evinced keen interest to understand his skillsets and took time out of his busy schedules to experiment him. Nipun got a lot of appreciation from him and other Principal Head of the Departments (PHODs).

Nipun also won the Gold Medal in his magic skills which he learnt out of his natural talents.  He was awarded with 19th International Children’s’ Film Festival Award at Hyderabad for his exemplary performance in various activities.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav personally experiencing the inherent skills of Nipun Bharadwaj

He also love nature, he once re-planted a huge fallen tree on the road side which is now alive and growing tall and tall.  He has good skillsets to conserve water usage for plants and what not, it could be anything that a normal human being encounters in their life, but he has different take on all those life matters.

His favorite area was the ‘reason’ behind everything from playing music to cooking, reading, listening etc totaling more than 3 dozen rarest of the rare talents.

Using the scientific method, he experiments with the ingredients of everything he sees before experimenting with it. 

He enjoys thought; and a tagline “a little world for big thinkers,” aptly applies to him.

He enjoys many field trip experiences, including activities such as digging, planting, caring, protecting, loving and caring of plants and animals, and his affection to practical care towards the animals is none other than his regular visits to Nehru Zoological Park at Hyderabad, where he associates himself with various animals regularly.

The following are some of the extraordinary achievements of Master Nipun Bharadwaj the multi talent kid in various activities:


Blind fold cycling Touch sense reading Colour Scan with or without touch sense
Drawing & Painting Tablist Water saving techniques
Dance composer Chalk carving Paper quilling
Robo Making Birds lover Animal lover
Nature caretaker Loom band making Blind fold reading
Clay Art Wollen art Magician
Nature photographer Skit writer/play Interior decorator
Kindness kid ambassador Jr. Chef & many more skills…….
Nipun with other Kids – seen in the picture is Mr Mahender Reddy DGP-Telangana

When asked how he developed so many skills, Nipun Bharadwaj says “it is my central goal to contribute what a normal human being can do in his life using his own hidden skills so that the various forms of sufferings of a human being can be eliminated.” He says that he want to continue his education in a more competitive, elite form by pulling extraordinary skills and prove to the world that human being is above any challenge and can withstand the circumstances.

He says that the boys who were recently trapped in a 4 km depth cave in Thailand could have developed certain skillsets while trapped in the cave so as to withstand the circumstances, because of which only they could survive without food and water for 15 days as on today (08-7-2018).

When asked about his goals, Nipun Bharadwaj says “my goal for the future is to go to USA for higher education and study Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Realty, Robotics,” and what not, everything that he would like to pursue.

Actively engaging in an experiment of Water Saving project

He said that his lifelong desire was to meet Stephen Hawking, but the destiny is something else and Mr.Hawking is no more today. He wanted to discuss with him about the black hole concept and understand his deep thoughts, get clarified on various doubts, and take forward the theory of Stephen Hawking. Tears comes from his eyes when asked about Stephen Hawking.

Nipun Bharadwaj is not pursuing his 1st year Graduation. “My academic experience thus far has provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas,” he says.

As a high school student, I excelled in courses related to physics, mathematics, and chemistry. I was fortunate during this time to have good teachers who saw my inherent skills and interest levels in these subjects and encouraged me to continue broadening my scientific understanding and developing my analytical skills.

In addition to the courses that I have taken, I have been very active outside of the classroom, participating in various extracurricular activities and pursuing new experiences so as to push myself and broaden my horizons.

For example, whenever I had time, I used to think and write down some practical ideas that would help human kind in future generation.

As a result now I have some good game changing application ideas that could possibly help mankind get a step further in to a new generation of theories and ideas.

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with applications. Fascinated by how a simple app could make life so much simpler.

When asked about the other extracurricular activities, Nipun says, “I have been very active outside of the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities and pursuing new experiences. My concern for the environment was acknowledged as early as when I was in Class 6 during which time the monsoons were very aggressive and I saw a huge tree in my neighborhood uprooted because of the strong winds and lashing rains. Upset to see such a gigantic tree fallen, I took the help of my father and many of my class mates, and together we heaved the tree upright and called the civic authorities to follow up on that. That tree still stands tall and I see it every day on my way to and from home. That same year I saw a car hit a dog and speed away. I lifted that dog even though it was quite heavy and ran to the vet’s place. I was throughout with the mongrel till its treatment and then my father and I took the dog to the Blue Cross Adoption Centre in Hyderabad. Based on these and other acts, I was named the Kindness Kid Ambassador for Animals and Trees Savior for the R.R.District for 2012-13 from Hyderabad”.

This concern for the environment inspired me to work independently on any project like recycled energy-cum-vehicular pollution control project, water conservation projects, preserving greenery and protecting wild life and the nature. 

Surprisingly, Nipun Bharadwaj planted more than 20,000 plants in Bibinagar locality in Nalgonda district.

Nipun receiving Telugu Book of Records Award from Chintapatla Venkatachary Founder Chairman

As regards air pollution. He learnt that carbon monoxide is the main constituent of air pollution and prepared a draft report on the various ways this gas is generated and suggestions to curtail, if not totally eliminate, its presence.

He says his father built a make-shift laboratory for him in the backyard of my house and allowed me to conduct experiments under his supervision due to which he learnt the importance of maintaining equipment and creating a laboratory environment in perfect condition always.

While working on this project he came across many impediments and even dangerous situations. Patience and a sharp presence of mind help me overcome all these challenges.

A few months back, he faced Butane gas release into the air which was highly inflammable.

His presence of mind immediately helped to emerge safely out of the situation wherein a tissue and silica gel on a table to absorb the mild humid butane gas in the air.

This was greatly appreciated by everyone and teachers when told about the incident. He luckly escaped the injuries and also saved his hard built lab and his assistant too.

Award Winning Swatch Bharat Short Film by Nipun Bharadwaj

In October 2016, I wrote and directed a short film to create awareness on our Prime Minister’s Clean India Campaign. Titled “Swatch Bharat – Let’s together make a step towards Clean India” I used a Sony NS3 camera and roped in my friends and relatives to enact roles. The film focused on how to keep our surroundings clean, not just within the house but also on the streets. It also emphasized the importance of removing the junk from our minds too, through education.

The film was recognized as best and the Excellence Award was given by Vice-president Mr.Venkaiah Naidu in a big function.

Swachh Bharat Award presented by Hon’ble Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shri Venkaiah Naidu in the year 2016

Nipun got 3 awards (Telugu Book of Records, Telangana Book of Records and Super Kid Record) for carving Lord Ganesha’s face on 108 chalk pieces in 54 minutes, i.e., two chalks per minute that could be rearranged to form the Indian Flag. I spent hours practicing this and when I did break the existing records I felt jubilant. It required a lot of patience and determination but the sense of accomplishment on completing it overrode all the difficulties I faced earlier. This achievement taught me the virtues of perseverance and hard work, he said.

Nipun with Director of Byjus in Nipun’s home lab.

I received several recognitions for touch sense recognition at the Shikaram Bala Barathi Puraskar-2016 by former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rosiah, Bala Barathi Puraskar-2016 on the occasion of Children’s’ Day and the Ugadi National Excellence Award, 2017. Have participated blindfold in a national level painting competition at Harihara Kala Bhavan on the occasion of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana State Level Children’s Painting Competition in 2016 organized by NTPC, Southern Region.

I have done a blindfold reading show at Thyagaraya Gana Sabha, Hyderabad and was the guest for an exclusive interview in 2016 conducted by a Telugu TV channel 6TV. I am also adept in magic and was conferred with the Gold medal in the Child Magic Show category at the International Children’s Film Festival at Shilpa Kala Vedika, Madhapur in 2015.

I have been interested in magic as long back as I can remember. Not only would I not miss any magic show that was held in my city Hyderabad but I would also pester my father to take me to ones held in other cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. I even had a notebook in which I would faithfully note down the various acts of each show along with my comments on them – what I found magical, what seemed unacceptable and what I felt were the secrets behind those acts. Hearing the magical stories entwined in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata from my grandmother, furthered my passion for this field.

Nipun with Hyderabad Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan Goud
Pot making Robo created by Nipun Bharadwaj

I came across the speeches of Swami Vivekananda while preparing for a class project. I was i

Instantly attracted by his speeches on the benefits of meditation and how by sheer meditation, one could achieve super natural energies.

This idea caught my interest so strongly that I began a daily practice of sitting with my eyes closed every morning some days as early as 4.30 am, and watching my breath go in and come out.

After about two weeks of this routine, and with my father’s support, I began to go to the Deer Park in the nearby Vanasthali hills to meditate in peace and quiet in nature’s ambience.

A few months down the lane of regular practice, on July 7th 2014 to be precise, I suddenly got the urge to hold a book in my hands and close my eyes.

To my great surprise words and sentences began to flow in my mind. I opened my eyes and found that those very words were there in the text book.

National Thermal Power Corporation organised a State Level Competition in which Nipun Bharadwaj stood first in the Live Show

Unable to understand what was going on, I went to my parents and told them of this. As shocked and unbelieving as me, my parents tied a large hanky over my eyes and gave me a book. I was able to read the contents as clearly as if I had my eyes open. Still unable to believe what was happening, my parents then took me to a series of specialists – neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, and even religious gurus. All of them said there was nothing medically or otherwise wrong with me but that the continuous meditation that I had done had opened up some doors in my brain allowing me to read with my eyes closed.

Live testing of performance at NTPC Live Show

One guru even said that this was nothing new and was a skill common in ancient India. Slightly reassured, my parents allowed me to continue my meditation even while I happily engaged my classmates and teachers in school with what I called magic. Slowly word spread and I began to be called to exhibit my talent in various forums and receive awards. In 2015, I was conferred with the Gold medal (Child Magic Show category) at the International Children’s Film Festival in Madhapur.The next year I participated blindfold in a national level painting competition and was even interviewed by 6TV a Telugu TV channel.

Deeply humbled by all the attention I was receiving, I decided to use my talent for charitable causes. Over these last 3-4 years I have been donating regularly to the Jeeyar Educational Trust and Victoria Memorial Orphanage in Hyderabad, apart from helping out many individuals financially.

Over the past few years with academic pressure heating up, my meditation routine has suffered a beating but I have not lost my talent. I now wish to use this talent in a more socially relevant manner.

Nipun Bharadwaj receiving Best Experiements Award at a Function in Sai Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad

Since I can understand the perspective of both the visually able and disabled, I want to create algorithms to help the blind use computers without having to resort to non-visual means or using only audios to navigate. I am confident that a Bachelor’s in Computer Science would be the first step towards achieving that goal.

Now I have a clear vision towards my future and what to do next. I know that this is the time to choose my career and built it up.



I am pleased to recommend NIPUN BHARADWAJ. He had been the student of Viswa Bharathi high school, R.k. Puram from 2009-2016. Nipun had an excellent academic year record and a good participation in co-curricular activities. He graduated with CGPA of 9.0 in SSC Board Examinations.

Nipun Bharadwaj is a diligent, hardworking student. Imagine the excitement in Master T Nipun Bharadwaj eyes when you enter into an educational, scientific and entertainment area with lot of experiments and thoughtful experiences throughout his life, with over 40 different role-plays in the last 6-7 years now. The inner engineering in Master Nipun Bharadwaj is a natural creation with robust thoughts around robotics, mechanics, electronics and everything that you find in this world – however with a logic of humanity.

He recently received a EXCELLENCY AWARD FOR HIS SHORT FILM ON SWATCH BHARAT in writer, director and screenplay category.

He also has extreme levels of nature loving.  He once re-planted a huge fallen tree on the road side and now it is alive and growing tall. He has good skill sets to conserve water usage for plants  and what not, it could be anything that a normal human being encounters in their life, but he has different take on all those life matters. His favorite area was the ‘reason’ behind everything from playing music to cooking, reading, listening etc totaling more than 3 dozen rarest of the rare talents. Using the scientific method, he experiments with the ingredients of everything he sees before experimenting with it.  He enjoys thought; and a tagline “a little world for big thinkers,” aptly applies to him. He currently is working on RECYCLED ENERGY-CUM-VEHICULAR POLLUTION CONTROL project.

In conclusion, I would say that Nipun is a well-balanced, talented and creative ideas filled student. I believe that he is one of the most ideal student to pursue the under graduate course in your esteemed university. I wish him good luck for all of his future projects.

Mr. Ch. Ramesh Kumar
Cell No.9440236128
Mail id : ramesh.vbhs@gmail.com


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