Gallant Railway women honoured on Mother’s Day

Her love for the language has made her succeed as a writer. Munukutla Padma Rao, retired railway employee, has been selfless in translating a number of books from Telugu and English to Hindi. But her original work ‘Shubharambh’ in Hindi has recently brought her an award of Rs.1 lakh from Central Hindi Directorate, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

“I never thought I would be recognised and it was a pleasant surprise when I heard about it from the Ministry.” With 30 years of experience in South Central Railways as a junior college lecturer, Ms. Padma Rao never stopped herself from writing. Her books made her win several regional, State and national-level awards. Ask her who inspired her to write, she immediately recalls her mother. “My mother was a defence employee who also used to write in Telugu. She was a versatile woman who used to multi-task and balance work life with ease. It is because of her sacrifices that I am what I am today.” On Mother’s Day, she said that she wanted to pay tribute to her mother.

At 63, Ms. Padma Rao still beams with enthusiasm and her indomitable spirit continues to be contagious. Her book ‘Dole Re Man’ is an anthology of 77 poems depicting her childhood days. Her work ‘Shubharambh’, which won accolades, contains 20 short stories. For her, this book holds a special place in her heart. “The book includes many of my personal experiences from childhood. Earlier, we also get to meet many interesting people while travelling and I used to write stories based on conversations of fellow passengers,” she says.


The writer has so far translated 16 books apart from her two original books (‘Dole Re Man’ and Shubharambh’). Ms. Padma Rao hardly sleeps for two hours a day so that she can spend most of her time writing. “Writing continues to be my prime priority. But for the younger generation, I have one request to make, contribute to society in your own way with whatever skill you have so that you will be remembered for what you are,” she sums up.