RPF officials caught extorting money in Railway Court

Mumbai: An AAP volunteer has filmed two Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials allegedly extorting money from an accused inside Kalyan railway court. On Tuesday, AAP volunteer Sameer Zaveri complained to the Divisional Railway Manager of Central Railway and submitted the clip recorded by party colleague Satyjeet Burman. The Aam Aadmi Party volunteer in Kalyan made sting operation of RPF policemen while taking extortion money from accused inside Kalyan railway court.

In complaint it is said that on last Wednesday Burman had visited Railway Court at around 3pm for some work, meanwhile he had seen RPF personnel taken accused persons of petty cases by tying with rope to court and rope was removed just out side the entrance gate of Court and produced them before judge.

In the complaint, it is said after few minutes aforesaid accused persons and RPF personnel came out from Court and one RPF Personnel started collecting money from accused persons as well as another RPF personnel collected money from a female.

Burman claimed that, “I am strongly suspecting that RPF personnel extorted money from said accused persons as well as violated directive of Hon’ble Supreme Court by tying accused of petty offences with rope, without permission of magistrate. I also believe that there is violation of Supreme Court directives by not preparing arrest memo by mentioning time, and place of arrest.”

“We want that the investigator should immediately collect CCTV footage of court premises and should take action against RPF officials responsible for transportation of illegally handcuffing of accused persons of petty cases and also extort money publicly, from accused persons in the Railway Court and without in uniform,”.