AC-DC conversion of the CST–Thane stretch awaits CRS nod

Mumbai: The AC-DC conversion of the CST-Thane stretch is still awaiting the nod from the Commissioner of Railway safety. The AC-DC test conversion was done by the Central Railway in December and the reports were sent to the Commissioner Of Railway Safety for approval.

Official sources reveal that there are augmentation errors which the commissioner is not in favour off as it raises major safety concerns. However, the final approval would be from the railway board.

Speaking to ADC, Chetan Bakshi, Commissioner Of Railway Safety said, “I have sent the condonation to the railway board and I am waiting for their sanction. Once I receive the sanction, I will inspect the AD-DC conversion myself.”

A Central Railway officer informed ADC, that only after the CST – Thane AC-DC conversion is done, work on Harbour line AC- DC conversion would begin, “New local trains would be introduced in the Harbour line only after the AC-DC conversions.”

    Benefits of Alternating Current (AC):

  •     Number of suburban train services would increase
  •     After the AC-DC conversion, the power would be increased to 25,000 volts
  •     Save electrical energy of nearly Rs.67 crore per annum
  •     Faster, superior and long trains would be introduced