Adani Rail ventures in Oz beneficial to India

Ahmedabad (ADI):  Leading conglomerate Adani Group has said its major ventures in Australia including Railways, mining and port expansions projects would prove beneficial to India. “It shows the resonating power between the two nations,” said Jeyakumar Janakraj, who heads all Adani Rail operations in Australia including the implementation of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project and Port expansions and operations.

“We need to push this to practice to get things moving,” he said at an Australia-India round table dialogue yesterday.

Janakraj said the projects such as the implementation of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project and port expansions and operations would prove beneficial to India.

“It is a natural fit for India as well. As we know India is a power deficient. Around 150 million tonnes of coal was imported to India last year and we believe by 2017 it would touch 200 million tonnes,” he said.

“We are very foccused on the project. We believe that its a very strategic fit between Australia and India to show that an Indian conglomerate and grow and establish in Australia.”

“This venture is very collaborative and it will open doors for shipping as well,” he said.

He cited that the project was expected to deliver 60 million tonnes of coal to India and some of it would also be exported to nations like China, Japan and Korea.

He also appreciated Australia’s move to allow dumping dredged sand and silt in Great Barrier Reef, which is on the UNESCO’s List of World Heritage.

Last week, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority gave its approval to a plan to dump dredge spoil from the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion in the Marine Park area.

Speaking at the dialogue here, Australian Trade minister Andrew Robb said the government had forged a long relationship between the sides by approving two Queensland coal projects in the Galilee Basin.

He said the predicted 10 billion dollars worth of investment could see up to 10,000 jobs created with the benefits to be felt into the 22nd century.

The talks were attended by a high level delegation from India and Australia as well as top parliamentarians, educationists, law makers and media.