Adani ramps up PR campaign for Carmichael mine, rail project

Adani_Enterprises_190Indian mining company Adani is stepping up its efforts to gain the trust of the public for its coal projects.

Chief executive Sandeep Mehta will address a community meeting in Bowen today, with an update on its proposals.

The company has also launched a state-wide television ad campaign spruiking jobs and royalties expected to be generated by the projects.

Adani says the ads aim to build community confidence about its commitment to jobs and investment in the state.

Frank Alpert from the University of Queensland says it shows Adani takes the Carmichael mine and rail project very seriously.

“It shows the company cares about this project,” he said.

“The company wants to gain the trust of the public, by showing the company is not just out for its own profits, but is out to help Australia as well.

“So the ads don’t talk about what’s in it for Adani, they talk about how there will also be benefits for Australia through royalties and economic development.”

He says the campaign is different to other industry driven strategies, like one to push for repeal of the mining tax.

“This is a particularly interesting case, in that it is not lobbying for a particular policy outcome that is in current play with the Government,” he said.

“The Carmichael mine and rail project has already been approved but still you want to have favourable public opinion for significant projects like this.”