Administrative issues mar working of SECR Polyclinic in Motibagh

NAGPUR: The Motibagh Polyclinic on Kamptee Road, which runs under the Nagpur division of South East Central Railway (SECR), is in the thick of controversy for various administrative irregularities.

According to official sources, the hospital is not following railway servants hours of employment rules (HOER). As per the rules, the duty roster is of 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week.

However, the staff works for six hours a day. Interestingly, on Wednesdays, the polyclinic has a half-day working for which it doesn’t have any sanction.

Another irregularity is that some employees, especially stretcher-bearers, are marked present even when they are on leave. When these employees are on leave at railway’s cost, ‘P’ (present) is marked in the attendance register. A section of them are also allowed continuous night shifts, which is not permissible.

The attendance register (master roll) is kept in the locker of chief matron Bhavani Singh, which is not allowed.

“As the duty register was in the locker during the last two days, we could not sign it. In case of any eventuality, our kin will not get any railway benefits presuming that we were not on duty as we did not sign,” some workers said.

Bhavani Singh denied all allegations. She says register is kept in locker as staff at time misuses it. “On occasions it was torn by unknown people,” she said. As per rules, duty roster cannot be locked but has to be displayed.

There is a biometric attendance system in the polyclinic but the staff doesn’t use it and this includes Singh herself. She says it is not binding on chief matron to use biometric system.

SECR’s Sr.Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr.DCM) Arjun Sibal, after verifying with the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) and called back saying, “No stretcher-bearer is marked present when on leave. Also, the biometric is randomly used due to a fault in the optical fibre.”

However, Singh admitted that there are distortions in the roster as people at time tend to extend leave and hence corrections.

On continuous night shifts to select staff, assistant CMS BCS Rao says, “This is done at times to overcome staff shortage. There is no irregularity, and if we come across we will inquire into it and take action.”

The issue was also raised by recognized railway union SECR men’s congress during permanent negotiating machinery (PNM) meeting with DRM AK Agrawal. Divisional coordinator of the congress Laxminarayan Pitambar said, “We have demanded a uniform roster for stretcher-bearer employees. At present some work for 12 hours and some for 8 hours.”