Adra Division promotes Rail transportation among local industries

Map of Collieries and Industry Sidings on Adra DivisionBokaro: Officials of the Adra division are working on a plan to promote railway transportation among local industries operational in this region. The commercial department of Bokaro railway is conducting a survey to identify the number of industries, which can be their potential customers.

The railway officials have initiated a communication in this regard with the industries operational in Bokaro Industrial Area Development Authourity (BIADA). There are more than 350 small, medium and big industries in Biada. The railway authorities have offered these industries to opt for railway transportation for sending their finished goods to customers in different parts of the country.

For far-flung areas in other states, believe the officials, railway transportation will be more affordable and safer than road transportation. Except Dalmia Cement, the other industries situated in Biada depend on road transportation for delivery of their products. “The objective is to provide freight service as another strong option of transportation to these industries,” said a railway official.

Bokaro Railway is said to be one of the best revenue-generating stations under South Eastern Railway (SER). Bokaro Steel Limited (BSL), Electrosteel Steel Limited (ESL), Bharat Coking Coalfield Limited (BCCL), Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), Dalmia Cement are already on its clientele list.

Bokaro railway aims to increase its earning capacity by extending its freight service to local industries by providing them with an opportunity to hire wagons to ferry their products to other parts of the country. The plan is part of a mixed wagon concept wherein multiple companies can book wagons in one train at an affordable price.

“Under this scheme, it will not be compulsory for customers to book the entire rake of goods train as other big companies do. We will provide them with the opportunity to book wagons as per their requirement. The wagons in a good train will be booked by multiple customers and will deliver their products on a particular route. This will also help local industries explore new markets in country,” said the official.

A team of railway officials from Bokaro recently met the authorities of Biada in this regard. The team has also approached some industries in Biada and briefed them about freight service for transportation of their goods. Anshul Gupta, the divisional regional manager (DRM) of Adra Railway Division, said: “We are looking for newer possibilities of providing freight services to local industries in this area. We are identifying potential companies with a preference for railway transportation”.


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