Ahmedabad Railway Station terminus at Kalupur to get 3-lane Parking soon

Ahmedabad:  The railway authorities have planned to have three dedicated lanes for bifurcation of autorickshaws, passengers’ vehicles and other vehicles that head for parking inside the Ahmedabad railway station terminus at Kalupur. This will ease the traffic chaos inside the railway station.

Recently, a BRTS stop too has been constructed near the railway station. The three lanes are meant to give enough space to BRTS buses to operate without hindrances. At present, BRTS buses and other vehicles vie for space to get into the bustling campus of the railway terminus,  said a railway official.

However, there is a down side to the plan. Several large trees have been chopped to make way for the three-lane project. Taxi driver Mahendrasinh Rajput said,  Most of the trees which were chopped down had been planted by taxi drivers and porters who spend a large portion of the day at the parking lot of the railway terminus. They used to often relax in the cool shade of these trees at free time. But the authority has cut it down for some proposed causes.

Alok Tiwari, divisional railway manager of railway Ahmedabad said the project will help solve mixed traffic problems at the station faced by passengers on a daily basis. The trees are cut down with requisite official permission. They  plan to construct three dedicated lanes at Ahmedabad railway station in Kalupur. The lanes will be dedicated for autorickshaw, vehicles dropping passengers at the terminus and the last lane will be for those vehicles that will have to be parked. BRTS buses will be allowed to ply unhindered in the passenger vehicle lane.

The project is expected to be over by the end of December and then there will also be some beautification projects at the station.