Ahmedabad to host “IR Track Standards Committee Seminar” between 10-12 January, 2019

AHMEDABAD/MUMBAI: The 82nd Meeting of Track Standards Committee is being held at Ahmedabad from 10th January, 2019 to 12th January, 2019. Western Railway is the official host of the seminar this time, and it is learnt that all the top policy makers, planning, projects, civil engineering officials from the Indian Railways, Railway Board, RDSO, IRICEN, IPWE, All Zonal Railway PCEs, All CAO/Constructions apart from various industry like SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Jindal Steel etc. are attending the Seminar.

Indian Railways is the life-line of nation providing transportation facility over the length and breadth of country. It’s vision is to provide efficient, affordable, customer-focused, environmentally sustainable integrated transportation solutions and to be the vehicle of inclusive growth, connecting regions, communities, ports and centers of industry, commerce, tourism and pilgrimage across the country.

Civil Engineering infrastructure is the largest static infrastructure of Indian Railways comprising of track, bridges, land, etc. Management of this huge infrastructure has to be done in accordance with the organization’s vision. Civil engineering department of Indian Railways manages and maintains all these infrastructures. Further, it has key role in the area of infrastructure development, technological leap in various fields, high speed travel and development of world class stations.

The seminar will extensively deal with the Policy Changes that are required in the operational functioning of Indian Railways in the Civil Engineering perspective, covering the entire Railway lines infrastructure, gauge conversions, doubling, tripling, quadrupling of railway tracks, and bridges, ROBs/RUBs, level crossings, land management and the use of latest technologies like LiDAR (Light Detection and Reflection) in proper Asset Management of Railway system for achieving greater operational efficiency and maintain uptime Railway working.

IR has 1,30,950 bridges, out of which 670 are important, 10,798 are major and 1,19,400 are minor bridges. Indian Railways had rehabilitated/rebuilt various bridges including distressed bridges etc over the past 8 years now. Apart from the above, to improve the safety and reduce inconvenience to road users, busy level crossings are replaced extensively by Road Over/Under Bridges (ROBs/RUBs) gradually. The works of ROBs/RUBs in lieu of busy level crossings are sanctioned on cost sharing basis with the concerned State Governments/Local Authorities. There are numerous ROBs/RUBs works at various stages of planning and execution either directly or on on cost sharing basis, deposit terms, Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis and under NHDP.  IR owns about 4.31 lakh hectares of land, which is mainly used for locating operational and services infrastructure such as track, stations, workshops, staff colonies, etc.

The seminar will extensively review the various items of Railway working, standards of track maintenance in the light of increased speeds of train operations, threshold values for load testing of in service rails, anomalies in IRPWM & LWR manuals, clips with higher toe loads being used on Indian Railways, experience of tamping based on TM-115, digital axle counters, OMS equipments, Gauge at toe of points & crossing, SEJs for curves upto 4 degree, review of accident proforma, LWR/CWR over ballasted deck bridges, 26m rails on major and important bridges, various design modifications, machine maintenance and latest technologies on tracks, review of rail stress calculation methodologies, criteria for re-alignment of curves, corrosion of rails, fractures, use of longer sleepers, maintenance of channel sleepers, Standard deviation based track maintenance standards for 130Kmph to 160Kmph and spot values for 140Kmph to 160 Kmph, improvement of track machines, Reduction in thickness of end post of glued joints, Issues pertaining to improvement in A.T welding, review of Yardstick for USFD testing, Discrepancies in IRPWM & USFD Manuals, Maintenance of thick web switches, Maintenance of Spring Setting Device etc and various other latest technologies for Track and various Assets Management.