AIRF bodies meet Railway Minister

गुवाहाटी Guwahati (GWH): The Union government has assured railway unions that all decisions regarding the working of the Indian Railways would be taken only in consultation with them.

This was stated during a meeting which was held earlier this week in New Delhi between the Railway Minister and the railway federations on the issue of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Indian Railways.

In the meeting, the All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) was represented by Rakhal Das Gupta, president of the federation and general secretary of NF Railway Mazdoor Union.

“… (The) Honorable Minister of Railways, while welcoming the federations, assured that there would be no privatization of any activity in the Railways. He also mentioned that his system of working had been very transparent and he would try that each and every issue are discussed with the federations with full transparency. He said that the Indian Railways are passing through a economic crisis, and under these circumstances we have to invite private capital. He further said that he wants to assure that private capital would be used for expansion of railway infrastructure, but all the activities, right from production, maintenance and operation, will be dealt by the railway men only,” said a statement issued by the federations.

Das Gupta and leaders of AIRF opposed the FDI in the Railways and said that because of the propaganda, Railway men have been demoralised.

They reminded the Railway Minister about the circular issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Heavy Industry stating that 100 per cent FDI will be allowed in all the three sectors – production, maintenance and operation.

The Minister said that he would have another round of meeting with the federations after going through all the aspects but assured that no harm would be allowed to the existing Railway system.