AIRPF Association ask for a single Security System for the Indian Railways

Mumbai:  All India Railway Protection Force Association has asked for a single security system for the railways.

“We need one authority to tackle crime and patrolling on the railway property and the same authority should also be in charge of compensation to the passengers,” said U.S. Jha, secretary of the union.

The call comes as security for Railways is currently handled by two authorities, that is, the Government Railway Police (GRP), which falls under the state/city police, and the Railway Police Force (RPF), which is a part of the Central government.

“Currently, the RPF has the power to take action against anyone who damages railway property and the GRP can take action for crimes done on the railway property,” said Mr Jha.

“We need one authority, be it GRP or RPF, as there is always confusion regarding the jurisdiction a crime falls under, which causes delay in the action being taken,” he added.

Currently, the RPF does not have prosecution powers like the GRP. Both the cadres are facing severe personnel crunch in Mumbai as the suburban sections have been increased to far-off stations.

Mr Jha said, “The issue of who is in charge of what needs to resolved, or at least a dialogue in this regard needs to be initiated.”