Ajmer to get two Satellite Stations to manage Passenger Traffic

AJMER: In a span of six months, Ajmer will get two satellite railway stations to manage passenger load. Daurai satellite railway station will become operational soon. At present, Madar is operational in Ajmer.

More than 150 trains run through Ajmer railway station, which is an important station between Delhi, Jaipur and Gujarat. It is also a junction between Jaipur and Udaipur including Chittor.

“Basically, the concept of satellite station is to lower the traffic on main platform of Ajmer,” said an official.

Madar station operates about six trains to ease rush on main station.

The concept of satellite railway station was in the mind of the authorities for some time but it was started only last year. Despite getting no approach road from local district administration at Madar railway station, operations were started. “The satellite stations have their own ticket windows, reservation counters and every facility available on the main railway station,” added an official.

Ajmer has expanded and Madar and Daurai are no more far from the city. “Moreover, traffic on main station road will also ease as railways has started a new entrance gate at Gandhi Bhavan and a parking lot. Railways is also working on rear entry gate,” added the official.

Ajmer is a tourist place and thousands of devotees travel by trains. “The satellite station will provide better facilities and ease of travel. Everything from cloak room to restaurant and transportation will available at these stations,” said a source.

DRM/Ajmer Puneet Chawla said these two satellite stations are in line with future planning. Most of the weekly long route trains will start from these satellite stations in future. It will also provide employment to many people in terms of transportation and shops.