All Nagaland Railway Contractors’ Union demand Upgrade for Dimapur Railway Station

GUWAHATI/DIMAPUR: A group of railway contractors have appealed to the authorities on the Dimapur Railway station which falls on the Lumding Division of N.F.Railway to do something about infrastructure and facilities upgrade at the Nagaland’s only railway station. A union called the All Nagaland Railway Contractors’ Union (ANRCU), issued a copy of a letter on Wednesday, addressed to the Principal Chief Commercial Manager of NF Railway at Maligoan.

The station comes in the ‘A’ class category, the union reminded. ‘However, till today there is no proper facilities and the commuters of the Dimapur railways station have been facing lots of hurdles…’ the union lamented.

First, the union stated, announcements at the station should use “Nagamese” (a crude mixture of Naga, Ahom, and Hindi common in the region) also. It is the “local language” of Dimapur and Nagaland in general, the union asserted and requested the station to make arrangements so that announcements are made in Nagamese too.

Further, the union complained about lack of “fan” and food stalls. ‘Due to lack of proper fan, the commuters have been facing lots of problems in the station and the installation of big fan like that of a fan which is installed at Gauhati Railway Station has become very necessary,’ the union stated. Commuter at the Dimapur railway station also face ‘lots of problem due to the absence of any 24×7 fast food stall,’ the group explained.

Another issue that the union pointed to was the aesthetics of the station: paint. The union requested the railway authorities to paint the surroundings of the station ‘with the picture traditional Naga culture, giving an opportunity to showcase the diverse rich culture of the Nagas to the travellers.’

The aforementioned additions would greatly help the reputation of Dimapur Railway Station and ‘upgrade’ it, the union stated.