Amenities off track at 2 railway stations in Taloja-MIDC area

Navi Mumbai: Taloje-Panchnand and Navde Road, the two railway stations in the Taloja-MIDC industrial zone, are in a bad shape, despite registering a rise in the number of passengers using them.

While hardly any railway or security staff is seen at Navde Road station, the foot-over bridge (FOB) at the next Taloje-Panchnand station has been in an incomplete state for the last four years, which forces passengers to cross railway tracks illegally.

“The ticket counter at Navde Road station is functional only during morning and late evening hours. A private contractor is in charge of selling tickets,” said a resident.

Central Railway chief PRO, Narendra Patil, confirmed that some of the smaller stations like Navde Road have been privatized due to lower number of visitors. “The smaller stations on the outskirts of Mumbai have been handed over to private contractors for ticketing. However, once these stations get bigger and busier over the years, then the railways will take charge of the ticketing,” said Patil.

When asked about the incomplete FOB at Taloje-Panchnand station, Patil said that he would enquire about the matter. The vast campus of RAF is situated just opposite Taloje-Panchnand station. So, several RAF jawans also use it for going to any other location on this Diva-Panvel-Roha route.

“The FOB has not been completed since 2011. So, passengers have to cross the tracks, which is both dangerous and illegal. But the authorities are looking into the matter,” said an official at Taloje-Panchnand station.

Six passenger trains halt at these two stations in a day, while over 18 goods trains and oil carriers pass through this route to either go to Diva or towards Panvel and beyond in the industrial area of Roha. When visitors arrived at Navde Road station on Friday afternoon, the ticket counter was locked. Passengers at the platform said that the ticket seller had “gone for lunch”.