An underpass that is underutilised

Certain projects cause more inconvenience to the public, rather than solve their problems. The railway underpass that is being constructed in place of the railway level gate near Kuppahalli village in Chikkaballapur taluk, seems to be proving the statement.

321883_thump.gifThe underpass seems to be more useful to two-wheelers and other small vehicles, but it is not convenient for heavy transport vehicles. Both, the width as well as the height of the underpass is narrow and short, thereby giving a little relief and causing more difficulties. Says Gopal, a resident of the village, “We have had been urging the authorities concerned to construct a railway underpass, in place of a railway level gate for a long time. Nobody had bothered to take any measures in this direction. Now that the work is being implemented, we are not happy with its outcome. The underpass has failed to meet the requirements of the people. It is neither wide nor tall enough to allow the movement of heavy goods vehicles. Most of the villagers visit the town with their agricultural produce loaded on trucks and tempos. Gunny bags of potato, paddy, groundnuts, onions and other vegetables, transportation of various other goods and items is extremely difficult below the underpass,” he explained.

Far better, earlier

According to another resident, “Things were much better when the railway gate existed. All the vehicles used to smoothly pass through the gate. Most of the vehicles from Kuppahalli, Nandi and the surrounding villages pass through the same route.

Ever since the construction of the underpass began, the transportation of the goods vehicles had become all the more tough. Initially, almost all the vehicles passed through this route which was very easy and also took lesser time. However, after the construction of the underpass, the heavy duty vehicles are now forced to chose another route, which is 10 – 12 km additional distance to travel,” he lamented.

Adds Gopal, “Most of the villagers are forced to chose a lengthier route, thanks to the underpass, which has failed to meet the purpose. These villagers, who visit Chikkaballapur, Bangalore and other areas, are unnecessarily delaying the span of their journies by choosing the long-distance route. The anomalies in the construction of the underpass must have been identified and rectified during the construction period itself. Measures should have been taken to widen and increase the height of the underpass,” he observed.