Ansaldo to transfer TramWave technology to Chinese JV

Ansaldo STS, a unit of Finmeccanica Group, has signed an agreement to license its TramWave technology to a joint venture (JV) between China’s CNR Dalian and Taiwan’s General Resources.

The JV will license the TramWave technology, which offers catenary-free power supply to trams without the use of cables, eliminating traffic barriers, as it seeks business in the Chinese tram market.

The TramWave system supplies power through a ground-level contact line that activates the power supply of a small section of the track only when the tram passes over it.

The technology is intended to help promote urban transport sustainability and eliminate the visual impact of traditional overhead catenaries used in tramways.

Ansaldo STS said it intends to have a long-term and profitable cooperation with its Chinese and Taiwanese partners to develop business opportunities in the market.

According to the company, the Chinese tram market is expected to grow strongly on the back of increasing demand for transport and the considerable investments planned by the Chinese government.

Ansaldo STS unveiled the TramWave ground-level power supply system for light rail vehicles (LRV) in Vienna in 2009.

The company said that the TramWave system was designed for Ansaldobreda’s Sirio trams, but can be used on different designs of LRV regardless of supplier and can be retrofitted into existing fleets.