Army Corps work on restoration of Jodhpur-Bhuj railway line

Jodhpur: Army engineers have launched an elaborate effort for restoration of railway services between Jodhpur in Rajasthan and Bhuj in Gujarat which are badly affected due to flash floods caused by torrential rains last week.

The railway line connecting Jodhpur and Bhuj with a daily traffic of 12 passenger and 45 goods trains, was rendered dysfunctional between Dhanera and Ramsan due to soil erosion caused by incessant rain.

The state authorities from Gujarat and Rajasthan had requisitioned services of the army for rescue and relief operations in the flood hit northern Gujarat and southern Rajasthan. A number of columns with specialized equipment and trained manpower have since been pressed into service with the exercise being monitored by top authorities at the command headquarters in Pune.

Two engineer task forces from the Konark corps were mobilized from Jodhpur and Udaipur to restore the severely damaged rail line connecting Jodhpur and Bhuj. The engineers responded to the emergency swiftly moving through the night from far off military station and have started the restoration work. The work involves moving huge quality of earth to plug the breach.