Ask Badals where is Ludhiana Metro: Bhattal to locals

bittu1लुधियाना Ludhiana (LDH):  Former Chief Minister and Chairman of the Punjab Congress Campaigning Committee Rajinder Kaur Bhattal on Sunday lashed out at the Badals for “making a fool of Ludhiana residents”.

Addressing a rally while campaigning for Congress candidate Ravneet Singh Bittu in Naali Mohalla on Deepak Cinema Road, Bhattal said, “Please ask Badals where is your Ludhiana metro? Did sky or earth gulp it?” where is the Metro?  She added, “It was a dream that was impractical. It was a dream that Badals weaved for people of Ludhiana just to fool them and take their benefit out of it. Now you all should go and ask Badals, where is the metro?”

Bhattal blamed the Badals for unemployment in Ludhiana. “Industries are shutting down because the state government is not helping them in any way. Then how can employment be generated? Youth is getting driven to drugs,” she said.

Talking about the Aam Aadmi Party, she said, “Congress is thankful to AAP for bringing forth the blunders of SAD-BJP government. AAP is simply putting their stamp on our stand of NDA and Akalis being totally corrupt. We are really thankful to them for this but otherwise people are not going to waste their vote for AAP as Arvind Kejriwal was not able to prove his worth even after we gave them unconditional support in Delhi.”

Bhattal added that Rahul Gandhi might visit Ludhiana to campaign for Bittu.

Talking about major points in the Congress manifesto, she said, “It will be for the first time that a party is proposing income tax exemption for youth between 18-35 years which will be our major achievement if we come to power.”

Blaming the SAD-BJP for imposition of property tax in Punjab, Bhattal claimed that the “Congress is going to be victorious from all 13 seats of Punjab in the LS polls”.