At 90 kmph, Lucknow Metro passes crucial test

LUCKNOW: The RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organisation) has finally issued the oscillation trial test results of Lucknow Metro. It has approved maximum 90 kmph speed in both loaded and unloaded condition of train. It will issue final speed certificate to Lucknow Metro only at 10% less than approved speed, that is at 80 kmph in both loaded and unloaded conditions.

But in case of deflated suspension (when air leaks), the maximum approved speed is only 60 kmph. An RDSO official said, “The deflated condition is rare but if at all it happens, the train can move only at a maximum speed of 60 kmph. If it goes beyond, it will cause problems to train and passengers like fatigue, discomfort, etc.”

RDSO team has sent report to Urban Transport and High Speed Metro directorate for approval issuance of ‘Final Speed Certificate.’ An official said, “The certificate will be issued only after looking into the emergency braking distance report, which is under preparation and shall be furnished within next four days.”

Poor check at metro diversions causing traffic jams

It has been almost a week since LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation) brought into effect a diversion near Janpath to facilitate construction near Sahu Cinema but lack of vigilance by traffic police and metro marshals is causing frequent jams in Hazratganj.

On March 16, Lucknow Metro barricaded around 100 metres of road in front of Sahu Cinema to construct second half of underground Hazratganj station. As a result, people coming from Parivartan Chowk to GPO crossing had to take the lane opposite Mayfair trisection to reach Sahu Cinema. Traffic on the other side is moving on its usual path from GPO to Parivartan crossing but diversion of traffic on the opposite side to the same path is leading to massive and frequent jams.

Of the total 24 metre width of MG Marg, only 12 metre width has been left open for both way traffic movement in Hazratganj. Since MG Marg is already a busy road and barricading on both sides for metro construction has led to the road getting narrowed further and there are long jams during peak hours because of illegal parking around roadside.

All the time, vehicles are parked along sides around Janpath and Tej Kumar Plaza gates causing long queues of vehicles moving at a snail’s pace. Commuter Poorvi Agarwal said, “It’s a challenge to come to Hazratganj and though metro marshals are there lack of traffic police to check illegal parking of vehicles causes long jams here.”

Even cycle rickshaws banned to enter MG Marg in Hazratganj are commuting freely on the already congested lane and even parking along roadside illegally. Kirti Gupta, a frequent visitor said, “People like us who look for an authorised place to park and cars have to bear with illegal parking most. Entire Hazratganj has just one parking facility. If you are coming from GPO side, you have to drive up to Mayfair and then take U-turn to reach this parking. Randomly parked cars and rickshaws cause obstruction to people who are looking for authorised parking.”

LMRC maintained they have deployed enough metro marshals to streamline traffic management but to check illegal parking, they have to seek help from traffic police. LMRC MD Kumar Keshav said, “I will look into the illegal parking menace in Hazratganj and we will take traffic police’s help to check it.”