Backup Signalling System at various strategically important Stations on Indian Railways mooted

NEW DELHI: To provide an alternate to the Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) System that operates rail line points and signals, the railways will soon introduce a Backup Signaling System (BBS) for smooth train operations.

The move comes after a major fire broke out at the Route Relay Interlocking panel at Itarsi Railway Station in June, 2015. It had led to major disruptions in railway traffic with over 2,000 trains being cancelled.

An official with Ratlam division of the Western railways said the new system operates through fibre optics and can help prevent disruptions in train services. “This will provide a backup for the entire train route at the railway station. The system is designed in such a way that it may be easy to transfer data to a laptop or a similar equipment and allow trains to pass through,” he said.

He added that the introducing this system will ensure that at least 90 per cent of trains can be operated when a signal cabin is disabled.

“Developed by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO), the new backup system will be introduced in all railway stations. The railways has already started its trial at Nishatpura railway station under West Central Railways,” said a spokesman with Ratlam division of the western railways. The commissioner of Railway Safety has also approved this newly introduced system.

There are backup systems for each function like electrical interlocking, power supply, panels, signals and others at the station. But there was no backup for the entire train management system at the stations, and the RDSO was in the process to develop and install such a system.

The move is also part of automatic safety systems like protection of trains and warning systems.