Badly angled, defunct Cameras threat to security at Charbagh Railway Station

Lucknow: Half of the 16 IPTV (Internet Protocol) cameras installed for security of Charbagh railway station, which witnesses over 10 lakh footfalls daily, are either lying defunct or placed at odd angles failing to cover the area required for proper surveillance.

Charbagh Railway StationA reality check conducted on Thursday at various locations including GRP security control on the station revealed that at least four IPTV cameras installed at platform number 1, 5, 6 and 8 were defunct.

Besides, another camera installed on platform number 1 has ‘poor visibility’ due to lack of maintenance.

Further, two cameras—one each at platform number 4 and 5 are placed at odd angles facing the ground.

As a result, the area required remains not covered by the cameras.

These cameras were installed with the objective of keeping vigil on every movement in and around the railway station.

Main objective was to ensure security as well as prevent crime. For example, on August 16, a woman was stabbed by goons on the roof of the railway station and dumped inside a goods train at the Charbagh railway station.

GRP personnel admitted that had cameras been covering all the area of the station, we could have prevented the crime.

According to deputy superintendent of police, GRP, Ram Dular Yadav, “The IPTV cameras are a great help to us, but often develop a glitch due to bad network. There is also server problem. But we immediately inform the agency which maintains the cameras and get it rectified.”

He also said, “We also have CCTV cameras, although they are not as powerful as IPTV. We also conduct manual monitoring of the railway station. But, if all IPTV cameras are functional, we can secure the area much more effectively.”

Vivek Tahiliyani, a general manager with an IT firm travelling to Delhi from Charbagh railway station said, “Technology can help only if it is maintained. Mere installing cameras won’t help. A railway station is undoubtedly a sensitive place and demands excellent vigilance”.