Bag containing Safety Fuses used for making explosives found in Kozhikode Railway Stn

कालीकट Calicut (CLT): The police, on Thursday, recovered a bag containing nearly 550 metres of safety fuse, used for making explosives, from the Kozhikode railway station premises. The bag was first noticed by a few passengers near the second platform.

On detailed inspection, the police found three bundles of safety fuses, each containing 25 pieces, in the bag. Circle Inspector A.K. Babu and Sub Inspector Rajagopal reached the spot and carried out a detailed inspection with the support of the dog squad.

The police officials confirmed that the materials recovered from the bag were mostly used for making explosives, especially those used in quarries. However, they were yet to get any clues on who dropped the bag on the platform.

Following the incident, the railway police conducted a detailed search in all parts of the railway station. The dog squad too joined the searches.