Bangalore based MRO-TEK signs pact with Rlys to deploy MAPLE 4C to enhance Safety

Bangalore (SBC): MRO-TEK, a pioneer in the field of communication and networking has signed a pact with South Central and South Eastern Railways in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to deploy MAPLE 4C to enhance railway safety and lower the risk of derailments.

MAPLE 4C is the multiplexer used in Key areas of Indian Railways’ Daily Operations.

Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km of track over a route of 65,000 km and 7,500 stations, transporting over 25 million passengers daily. The safety of this mammoth network is a formidable challenge.

MRO-TEK’ s MAPLE 4C is playing a significant role in two crucial segments of railway safety in India.

Firstly in the area of axle counter system. When a train has to pass from Station A to Station B, axles are counted at both points and matched to ensure that all carriages have crossed successfully. Only then signal for the train to pass through is given. The interface from the counter at every point is analog, which is converted to a digital signal before being transmitted to the other point.

In the earlier days, this information was transmitted through copper cables, which had a tendency of getting cut often. With MAPLE 4C, the signal is converted to a digital format and transmitted through fibre, ensuring total reliability.

Secondly, in the area of Voice Logger at Level Crossings. Commands at level crossings are given by the station master to the gateman through telephone. These conversations must be stored so that they can be retrieved later to analyse why the train was stopped.

To ensure accurate storage without loss of clarity, the analog voice is digitized and multiplexed using MAPLE 4C and then carried to the Voice Logger through fibre.

S. Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director of MRO- TEK said – “We are extremely pleased to have won this contract to deploy our most advanced technology to further enhance the safety in Indian Railways. Our team will continue to leverage our strong technical capability, solid execution and reliable products operation, to further penetrate into the Indian railways and explore international opportunities in order to create value for our shareholders.”

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