Bangalore Division to develop Railway Station near Hoodi Circle very soon

Bangalore (SBC): South Western Railways has agreed to construct a proper station at the Hoodi railway halt point behind Shantiniketan Apartments in Whitefield, fulfilling long-pending demand of hundreds of software and IT engineers working in and around Whitefield area.

On Thursday, Member of Parliament P C Mohan, who had earlier allocated Rs 1 crore from his MPLADS fund for the construction of the station in February, visited the area along with senior officials of the South Western Railways and were joined in by many techies who had been demanding the station.

Speaking to media personnel Mohan said: “We inspected the area along with railway officials. The railways will provide with the design and the plan. The problem was that of the approach road to the station which has now been sorted out. Railways have asked for an additional Rs 76 lakh, which I have committed to them in addition to the Rs 1 crore. The construction will begin in two months’ time.”

The Divisional Railways Manager/Bangalore Mr.Sanjiv Aggarwal said: “Earlier the demand was to have the station at the halting point for the railway staff which is a goods terminal. There were certain technical glitches in constructing a station at that point and there was no approach road. Now everyone has agreed to have the station at the Hoodi gate which already has an approach road and would be far more convenient for users. We will invite the tenders as soon as we get the funds to get the work going.”

Railways have assured the MP of a Detailed Project Report about the station. Officials say that the halting point was not for the general public and was only for the use of railways staff.

A few years ago, as Whitefield grew into an IT hub, many techies started using the halting stop to get down to reach their offices and thus the demand for a proper station began.

Rail activist Sanjeev Dyamannavar said: “The traffic in Whitefield is increasing by the day and railways should come up with a station soon with adequate number of trains having stoppages so that the public can utilise the facility.”