Bangalore Metro CCTV footage reveals group of men harass College Student

Women Commuters of Bangalore Metro are even more worried of apathy shown by Namma Metro authorities and Security Personnel

Bangalore, Oct 26: It took 12 days for the Bangalore police to obtain the CCTV footage of a girl being sexually harassed on the Metro train by four men and also to file and FIR against the culprits.

The incident took place on Oct 12, when Prakriti Sharma, a college student boarded the Metro train from MG Road to Byappanahalli at around 8 pm. Once she was inside the Metro she was constantly harassed by a group of men, who sat opposite to her.

They passed lewd comments and made indecent gestures at her. The CCTV footage also shows that the girl changed her place since the men didn’t stop with their dirty antics. But in spite of changing her place many a times, the men harassed her. Some of them even approached her one after the other and continued with the comments.

A co-passenger helped Prakriti and asked her to inform the guard who was at the station. But alas, the security guard refused to help and the train continued its journey. Once the train stopped at the last stop, the group threatned Prakriti in front of a guard.

It was only her determination that led her to the police station, where she filed a complaint against the men. However it took ten days for the police to file an FIR against the goons. This incident throws light on the security of the women who travel by the metro. What shocked many is that the Metro officials tried to turn a blind eye to the incident. Even the police blamed the Metro officials who did not inform them about the incident. The police offcials said that had the Metro officials informed them immediately, they would have swung into actions and punished the offenders.