Bangalore Techies want to know why SWR won’t Tweet

Bangalore (SBC): The techies in the city want to know as to why the Bengaluru division of the South Western Railways is not active on Twitter.

Sending an online representation to the division, the techies, who are also railway activists, say that many of the railway divisions were very active on Twitter and in fact giving vital information about the trains.

However, the same was not the case with Benglauru division where the important tweets were ‘once in a while’. Santosh Kulkarni, a techie and a railway activist says, “All of us follow twitter to keep a tab on trains. In fact, if you look at the tweets by the South Central Railway or Northern Railway, there are minute details sent through the tweets like the delay in the train or introduction of any new train and so on. However, when we look at the Bengaluru division, we hardly find any information. I was shocked to know that the tweets from Bengaluru division were related to an auto strike and not about the delayed train here. What makes me wonder about the fact is that being in the IT capital of India – the Bengaluru division should have been more active.”

Another techie Sujit Nair said, “The railways usually run a number of special trains in summer and many of railway divisions give out information through twitter. However, we hardly know if there are any specials with no tweets.” Admitting that Bengaluru division was not so ‘active’, South Western Railways divisional railway manager Sanjiv Agarwal said, “We have opened a Twitter account but it is right that we have still not become very active on it. We are trying to become approachable.

A problem we face is that we are not getting enough response from citizens as well on our Twitter handle.”