Bengaluru City would be the first Railway Station in the Country to have a live Website of its own

Bengaluru (SBC): To be officially launched within a week, is the brainchild of senior divisional commercial manager(DCM) of the Bengaluru Railway Division, Dr Anup Dayanand Sadhu. “Bengaluru City would be the first railway station in the country to have a live website of its own,” he said.

All details on trains from the Bengaluru City station, a route map to reach the station from your house, parking & cab/auto fares and other useful features will shortly be available in one place — a website exclusively for the City railway station.

The website idea follows the instant success of the commercial division’s foray into social media two months ago. Its Twitter handle @SWRBengaluru has already garnered 334 followers without any publicity, while its Facebook page is gradually evolving into an interactive complaint forum for passengers.

“The idea behind the portal is to provide a wonderful experience of the city to any train passenger,” says Dr Sadhu. The Amenities section is likely to be the most sought-after on this easy-to-navigate site.

It lists any facility a passenger may want: ATMs, baggage rooms, ferry cart service, child help, parking, medical assistance, facilities for differently-abled, catering facilities and so on. “There is even a tourism listing, which will guide newcomers to the city about the must-visited places in Bengaluru,” the senior DCM said.

The Transit section deals with buses, prepaid autos and cabs. Being incorporated presently is a rate list for autos and cabs from the station to various points across the city, he added.

A Plan-Your-Journey section takes one directly to the IRCTC website to facilitate online ticket booking. The Contact section will have vital helpline and other numbers to contact top officials. The Events section will have press clippings and pictures of recent happenings in the station.

Elaborating on the idea for the portal, Dr Sadhu explains, “My travel experiences in various cities in the US and their transportation portals, which enabled quick transportation within and between cities made me want to create something similar for visitors to Bengaluru. Hence, this exclusive website.”