Bharti Airtel signs NLD/ILD Interconnection Agreement with RailTel

railtel-airtelNew Delhi: Bharti Airtel, an Unified access Service Licence (UASL) holder to maintain the Unified Access Services Network and provie Unified Access Services and other VAS in the 19 Telecom circles in India had entered into an Interconnection Agreement with RailTel Corporation of India Limited (RailTel), a Telecom PSU under Ministry of Railways, for routing of all its inter-circle calls and the international long distance calls through the NLD Service Network of RailTel till International Gateways of Bharti Airtel. Similarly, RailTel hands over the incoming international calls received from the Gateways of international long distance operators meant for termination in the Airtel’s network.

However this agreement does not cover the International Toll Free services, Intelligent Network services or for handing over of calls originated in India for termination on subscribers of Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS) System or other similar systems which are meant for personal communication system providing transnational, regional or global coverage from a constellation of satellites accessible with small and easily transportable terminals, for which the tariff and revenue sharing parameters will be different.

Under this agreement, both RailTel and Airtel will have separate dedicated trunk groups/ports for NLD and ILD traffic.

As regards the routing is concerned, the ILD incoming traffic shall be picked up and collected at RailTel NLDO from International Gateway exchanges of the other service provider having ILD gateway under ILD licence of India to terminate the UASP network to carry it for termination to Airtel’s UASL network. In case Airtel’s UASL Telecom Switch is located at Gateway Level 1 TAX location, then RailTel shall directly terminate calls in Airtel’s UASL network.

For outgoing traffic, RailTel shall collect the international traffic originating in India from Airtel’s network as an NLDO and deliver it to International Gateway exchanges (IGx) of the other operators under NLDO licence for onward transmission to international networks operated by carriers in other countries.  In this case, if Airtel UASL switch is located at Gateway Level I TAX location itself, then RailTel NLDO shall directly collect calls from UASP’s network. Interconnection Usage charges is based on aggregate of all call duration in seconds, rounded off to the nearest minute for the total during the month.

RailTel is one of the largest state-owned Telecom network in India after BSNL with optical fiber communication backbone running across the length and breadth of the country in multiples of long haul and short haul ring topologies. Within a span of 10 years of its roll out in all the Zonal Railway systems of the country, RailTel was recently been categorized as the Mini-Ratna PSU by the Ministry of Railways.