Bhatinda Railway station becomes a ‘Hub of Criminal Activities’

Bhatinda Jn बाठिंडा (BTI): Deficient security staff at Bhatinda Railway Station has made the dark zones a perfect breeding ground for the criminal activities. A naked woman, bleeding profusely, was found today at platform number one of the railway station and two elderly persons were also looted after being drugged by unidentified persons.

The woman was admitted in the emergency ward of the Civil Hospital by volunteers of NGO Sahara Jan Sewa along with the two elderly persons.

While the woman was rescued after the midnight, the two elderly persons were found lying unconscious in the morning today.

The condition of the woman got stable in the evening but one of the two elderly persons is critical. The woman said she was robbed and beaten up by unidentified persons and the elderly too said that they were looted of Rs 12,000.

“The woman is yet to come out of the trauma. She is crying with pain in lower abdomen. The relatives of the patients undergoing treatment in the surgical ward of the Civil Hospital are taking care of her along with the staff on duty,” said Vijay Goyal, president, NGO Sahara Jan Sewa.

Goyal said their volunteers have offered food to the woman along with medical assistance, medicines and blanket. The woman fails to express anything clearly but murmurs her name and place from where she came. She identified herself as Sheela, a resident of Debriya area of Bihar.

The doctors at the Civil Hospital did not confirm that the woman was raped. The medical staff revealed that the woman got aggressive as they tried to examine her and even refused to injections or blood transfusion.

The doctors attending the woman said that she was not allowing them to conduct her internal examination. The woman was very aggressive and restored to using violence to deter the health staff from examining her. There were no visible external injury marks on her body.

“Being found naked and bleeding does not mean that she has been sexually abused. She might be bleeding because of her menstrual cycle too. She is being taken care of,” the doctors said.

They added that within the frame of law they are not allowed to examine a victim forcefully unless and until the police or victim’s relatives insist. The victim is also mentally unstable for which psychiatrist help would be required to ascertain whether she is mentally retarded or is unstable.

Government Railway Police (GRP) SHO Bant Singh said that he is yet to look into the case of the two elderly drugged at the railway station. Bant said that he tried to record woman’s statement but failed in view of her unclear declaration.

“We are short of the security personnel in view of 45 home guard jawans shifted to Uttar Pradesh. Earlier we used to deploy six to seven personnel at one point of time which has now reduced to mere three personnel to keep a check at all the seven platforms and the Musafirkhana (waiting area for passengers)”, Bant said.

When asked if he sought intervention from his seniors about the sorry state of affairs about security, Bant replied that it is a matter which could be discussed only at the high level and his seniors are well aware of the ground situation.