Bhilai Steel Plant dispatches over 1 Lakh Tonnes of Prime Rails to Indian Railways in Jan 2019

BHILAIFollowing Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) dispatching over 1 lakh tonnes of rails to the Indian Railways in the just concluded January 2019, the entire senior management team of BSP led by A K Rath, CEO, BSP started by visiting Sanyantra Bhavan, Steel Melting Shop-2, Rail & Structural Mill (RSM), Universal Rail Mill (URM) and Steel Melting Shop-3 to congratulate and boost the collectives of the different departments that had combined as a team to make this distinguished achievement.

Accompanying Rath were P k Dash, E D (Works), B P Nayak, E D (F&A), A K Kabisatapathy, E D (Projects), Manas Biswas, E D (Mines & Rowghat), K K Singh, ED (P&A), general managers and senior officers of the Plant.

During the course of his visit to different units, instrumental in making this record achievement, Rath congratulated members of Steel Melting Shop-2, Rail & Structural Mill (RSM), Universal Rail Mill (URM) and Steel Melting Shop-3 collectives. He said that this achievement has again emphatically demonstrated the cooperative and collaborative culture of Bhilai Steel Plant. The production and dispatch of more than 10,0000 T rails during Jan 2019 was like breaching a mental barrier. He was emphatic that our collective capabilities are limitless.

Now, that this barrier has been breached we must achieve it consistently in coming months to meet requirement of Indian Railways. He reiterated that in the process of production there can be no compromise with safety.  He strongly urged members of the collective to focus on safety at least for thirty minutes every day, whether by contemplating on its application in our shop floor or by
discussing and sensitizing our colleagues and peers.

Rath said that with the successful surpassing of the one lakh tons monthly production and dispatch of rails, we must now challenge our limits and go beyond this achievement. We must now collectively strive for daily rail production of 2600 T from RSM and 1600 T from URM. He called on the collective of SMS-2 to strike out for achieving the target of 60 heats per month, including 1,50,000 monthly rail blooms. In January 2019, the Rail & Structural Mill and Universal Rail Mill combined to record total dispatches of 1,03,171 Tonnes of rails to Indian Railways.

With this new high in monthly production and dispatches of rails to Indian Railways, SAIL- Bhilai Steel Plant has taken a leap forward in production and dispatches of rails to Indian Railways.

SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant that produces the world’s longest 130 meter rails in single piece has been supplying world class rails to Indian Railways for more than five decades, meeting all the stringent requirements of quality and length of rails.  Total dispatches of prime rails by Bhilai Steel Plant so far in the current fiscal has been 7,54,708 Tonnes.